Management Consulting for Funds & Family Offices

Norat & Co. is dedicated to providing expert management consulting services tailored to the unique needs of funds and family offices. Our approach focuses on organizational development, operational efficiency, and strategic support to foster the growth and sustainability of your family enterprise. By aligning our services with your family’s values and goals, we help you navigate the challenges of managing and sustaining a prosperous family legacy.

Strategic M&A Consultation

Expert guidance on mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, tailored to enhance your family office’s legacy. We ensure strategic alignment and value creation, navigating M&A complexities with precision.

Asset Turnaround and Management

Transforming under-performing assets into valuable portfolio elements. We specialize in revitalizing and strategically managing distressed assets, aligning with your objectives for optimal performance.

Board Representation and Governance

Dedicated representation on boards, ensuring your interests and values are at the forefront. Our governance oversight guides strategic decisions, aligning enterprises with your family office’s vision.

When you need to know what is really going on.

Norat & Co. specializes in elevating family offices through strategic M&A consultation, expert asset turnaround, and influential board representation. We transform complex challenges into strategic opportunities, ensuring your legacy and values are not just preserved but thrive. With Norat & Co., you gain a partner dedicated to the meticulous stewardship of your family’s future.

  • Corporate review
  • Product mix assessment
  • Human capital alignment
  • Crisis management
Paul Edward Norat

Founder & Managing Director

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know.” – Blaine H.


Strategic Initiatives Guided


Family Offices


Distressed Situations Supported


Board Positions Held

What Our Client Says

Over the years, we have heard our clients say that they could never have executed a transaction without our support.
Here are a few representative examples.

“Our attorneys were great, but they weren’t willing to go onsite and get into the weeds to discover the reasons why one of our portfolio companies was under-performing. Norat & Co rolled its sleeves up and got it done. Simply invaluable.”

Mark Hufstetler

Director, Private Family Office

“Recently we engaged an investment bank to provide leverage for a leveraged-buyout, but they expected the target to already have a basic information for projection models, and such. Norat & Co jumped in and filled the gap.”

Melissa Andersen

Director, Private Family Office

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We are active contributors to the conversation about how funds and family offices can streamline operational oversight of their legacy and target business assets. We support those who are helping develop the tools that promote executional excellence required to sustain effective management of long-term business equity positions.

Let Us Help You Get Out of the Weeds in Your Portfolio Business Entities

You have worked hard for your wealth. Success brings more success. At some point you can’t be everywhere at once. Let us extend your reach and leverage your abilities. We will handle the details.